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Policies and Guarantees

Refund Policy

When you choose, the security and privacy of your information is guaranteed. We ensure that the information you give us is stored securely and cannot be accessed by any unauthorized persons. Moreover, we only collect information that is relevant to the transaction. These might include; name, email address, billing address and phone number. The personal information you provide us will not under any circumstances be shared with third parties.

Additionally, when you make payment, your credit card information is not stored in our servers. Client information is 100% safe with Your email address and contact are only used for the purpose of contacting you with regard to the order you place with us. Additionally, your payment details are also completely secure with us.

Privacy Policy

We treat our clients and their personal details with utmost respect. Any client information shared with us is stored in a secure server which no unauthorized parties can access. We do not request for any unnecessary personal details; and we also allow you to share with us only what you deem necessary. The client has a right to know how we use and store the personal information shared with us.

We collect your personal data for the following reasons:
  • To contact you regarding the order placed with us
  • To market certain services that you may have shown interest in within a reasonable period
  • To provide information about our products and services to existing customers.
  • To provide our services under contractual guidelines

Every 6 months permanently deletes all information that we no longer need. Additionally, we do not have any access to the password you use to log into your account; we request that, for confidentiality purposes, you do not share it with anyone.

Free Revision Policy

At, our goal is to write top-notch academic papers, so you can be assured of free revision if you are not satisfied with the paper you receive from us.

The revision request should however meet the following criteria:
  1. Match the original instructions: The revision instructions should not differ from the initial instructions.
  2. The revision request should follow the proper channel: Please use the revision request button and not email or phone call.
  3. One week after approval: Once the client approves the order, there is a 7-day window during which they can request for revision for free.
  • Please note that when a paper is returned for revision, we might require extra time to redo the paper and ensure that it meets all the requirements.

Zero-Plagiarism Guarantee Policy

We are a trustworthy custom writing company that provides top-notch plagiarism free papers. All papers are written from scratch by our team of expert writers, and are, therefore, free of plagiarism.
To ensure that our writers submit plagiarism free papers, we run each paper through plagiarism checking software such as Turnitin and Plagscan. Using this software, we ascertain that the content of a paper is not copied from any online sources, books or previously written papers.
If you have any doubts about the originality of your paper, please inform us. To support your claim, kindly provide a scanned copy of a plagiarism report from credible software; that is, Turnitin or Plagscan. We will seek to find out whether the contents of the paper were copied from another source. If found to be plagiarized, we will revise the paper for free or refund your money.

Terms and conditions

Project Cancellation

If the client cancels the work soon after assigning it, before the writer begins to work on it, they are assured of an upto 100% refund. If the work is cancelled after the writer has already began to do it, the refund amount will depend on the period that would have passed before cancellation. If less than half the period has passed, the refund amount will be up to 50%. If half the period or more has passed, the refund amount will be less than 50%. The partial refund is because the writer should receive compensation for their time and effort.

Erroneous Double Payment

If you erroneously pay for an order twice, please contact the Support Team as soon as possible for a payment reversal. Forward both receipts of the transaction to our customer support for the refund to begin immediately.

I am dissatisfied with the quality of the work

If the quality of the work submitted by a writer fails to meet your expectations, you have the right to request for a revision. You can also request for a different writer to handle your assignment. Once the order is submitted to you, you have 14 days to approve it, failure to which the order is automatically marked as approved in our system.

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