Organizations Culture Change Plan

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Organizations Culture Change Plan


  • Textbook Schein, Edgar (2017). Organizational Culture and Leadership (Jossey-Bass).
  • Prepare a 10-page, double-spaced research paper, using at least 10 sources in addition to the textbook for this course, in which you: 1. advance a thesis or 2. take a position or 3. complete an analysis of a real-world case dealing with leadership and organizational culture.
    The paper should reflect the following academic conventions: 
  • Clear, grammatically correct writing (don’t forget to use your spell-checker) that avoids needless repetition and use of unnecessarily “fancy” words, especially, if you are not sure about their definition or their meaning in the context of your writing. The dictionary should be your best “friend;”
  • Good organization including appropriately labelled sections Abstract, introduction, section titles, summary);
  • A clear statement of your intention in the paper, a logical progression of ideas and orderly transitions between ideas;
  • The use of scholarly sources (journal articles and books); sources like Wikipedia and may be ok to "jump-start" your research effort and newspapers are ok to establish the background or context for your work but your thesis, position or analysis need to be supported by scholarly works. The College's library has easily accessible information on sources that would be considered scholarly. Things to consider in selecting sources: the type of periodical in which you find articles, whether the work is an academic study or supported by academic or scientific scholarship, the identity of the author;
  • Proper documentation for direct quotations, paraphrases and sources consulted (use the APA method of citation);
  • Integration of the major concepts studied in this course.
  • For advice and tutorials on writing and the avoidance of plagiarism, please refer to ESC’s Online Writing Center Opens in a new window. This source makes a lot of writing resources, even personal services, available to you.
  • If your writing reflects problems in the area of plagiarism, you may not get credit for the paper or you may be asked you to re-submit it. In addition to your not receiving credit for the paper or the course, plagiarism could lead to disciplinary action. Most students do not intentionally engage in plagiarism but I call this to your attention because it is often unintentional. Either way, it is a problem that you should avoid. 

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