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Construction Methods & Materials, Civil Engineering Homework Help

Problems 1-9 at the end of Chapter 5

Problems 1- 4 at the end of Chapter 6

Note: Text book 7th edition is for reference only . 8th edition required

Chpt 5 question 1-9

1. Why might the laboratory and field optimum moisture contents vary for a particular soil?

2. List the types of compactors which are available for compaction in confined space?

3. a. What is a compaction wheel?

b. what is the typical lift thickness for an excavator – mounted compaction wheel?

c. State the minimum pipe cover which should be used when compacting with an excavator –mounted compaction wheel.

4. What kind of compactor would you expect to be most suitable for compacting a clean sand?

5. Estimate the production in compacted cubic yards (meters) per hour of a self-propelled tamping foot roller under the following conditions: average speed = 5 mph (8.0km/h), compacted lift thickness = inches. (15.2 cm), effective roller width = 10 ft (3.05), job efficiency = 0.75, and number of passes = 8.

6. twenty miles (32km) of gravel road require reshaping and leveling. You estimate that the moto grader will require two passes at 3 mph (8.9 km/h) to accomplish the work. How many grader hours will be required for this work if the job efficiency factor is 0.75? 7. See attachment q7 8. See attachment q8

9. List the four principal methods for achieving ground modification or soil stabilization. Provide one example of each.

Chpt 6 question 1-4

1. see attachment chpt 6 q1

2. List five safety precautions that should be observed in storing and handling blast agents?

3. You measure a seimic velocity of 900 ft/s (2743 m/s) in limestone. Would you expect this rock to be rippable by a D9H tractor equipped with a ripper (Figure 6-17) if so, would you recommend using a single or tandem ripper in this situation? Why?


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