A Nationwide Survey Discussion Post

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A Nationwide Survey Discussion Post

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I'm working on a statistics discussion question and need support to help me understand better.

  1. Use google to find a problem for a hypothesis test  for one proportion such as the one below.  (It is the same one as the  introduction)  Make sure you solve your own problem this week... I need the information.

Example-  How cool is Facebook?  In a recent GenX2Z American College Student  Survey, 90% of female college students rated the social network site  Facebook as “cool.”  The other 10% rated it as “lame.”  Assume that the  survey was based on a sample of 500 students.  A marketing executive at  Facebook wants to advertise the site with the slogan “More than 85% of  female college students think Facebook is cool.”  Can he conclude that  the proportion of female college students who think Facebook is cool is  greater than 0.85?

2 .Pick another student's problem and solve it. Make sure to include  your null and alternative hypothesis, your test statistic, your p-value,  decision, and conclusion in the context in your response. 

Another student problem : Game consoles: A poll taken by the Software Usability Research  Laboratory surveyed 341 video gamers, and 110 of them said that they  prefer playing games on a console, rather than a computer or hand-held  device. An executive at a game console manufacturing company claims that  more than 25% of gamers prefer consoles. Does the poll provide  convincing evidence that the claim is true? Use the ? = 0.01 level of  significance.

Student problem should be this : A nationwide survey of working adults indicates that only 50% of them are satisfied with their jobs. The president of a large company believes that more than 50% of employees at his company are satisfied with their jobs. To test his belief, he surveys a random sample of 100 employees, and 54 of them report that they are satisfied with their jobs. Can he conclude that more than 50% of employees at the company are satisfied with their jobs? Use the ? = 0.05 level of significance.

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