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When a student gets to the point of writing a dissertation, it means they are approaching the end of their academic journey and this is one of the stages that will determine their overall performance. A dissertation or thesis paper is a long piece of writing that is submitted as part of a PhD, Master’s and sometimes a bachelor’s degree.  Writing a dissertation is not an easy feat; any student can attest that it takes a lot of will, determination and time.

Being extremely important part of one’s degree, the key to completing it successfully is to prepare adequately, select the right topic and being the writing process on time. It goes without saying that procrastination, lack of planning, and inadequate research will only make the process more difficult. External factors such as lack of assistance from the dissertation supervisor also complicate the process.

How to Structure your Dissertation

You will head in the right direction if you use the following dissertation structure:

  1. An introduction to the topic
  2. A literature review that explores relevant studies into the topic
  3. A description of the methodology used
  4. The findings of the research
  5. A discussion of the research’s implications
  6. A conclusion that summarizes the research

Due to the complexities involved in selecting the right topic, structuring the dissertation correctly, and ensuring that it has the right content, many students encounter challenges in the process of writing a good dissertation.

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