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What is Ethics?

Ethics is defined as the set of standards that society places on itself in order to determine whether an action is right or wrong. It provides a moral compass that guides people’s decisions, behavior, and actions.

Below are 5 important reasons why we study ethics:

  1. Ethics helps us evaluate our lives critically, and assess the impact of our thoughts, words and actions.
  2. The study of ethics is important because it impact a sense of morality and justice in leadership and governance. This helps to solve many issues that affect society negatively such as corruption, injustice, crony capitalism, unequal distribution of resources etc.
  3. The study of ethics facilitates structured introspection. Rather than just making decision based on one’s current mood and temperament, a person who is well-versed in ethics is more rational in their speech, actions and decisions.
  4. Situations are not always black and white; there are often grey areas where it is difficult to decide on what is right or wrong. Ethics provides a moral compass in such situations, in order to make the best choice out of a myriad of alternatives.
  5. Ethics creates a peaceful society. When people live ethical lives, they tell the truth, avoid harming others, and are kind, thus creating a cohesive and happier society.

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